Retirement Planning


We all realise how important it is to plan for your retirement. This is regardless of whether you are retiring very soon or still some time off.

With legislative changes to Superannuation, Age pension and keeping abreast of markets, seeking the Right Advice has never been more important.

Strategic Wealth Partners can help you:

  • Get the most out of both your super and non-super investments, taking into consideration how much risk you are prepared to take to generate the income that you need to live on,
  • Structure your investments in the most tax-effective manner possible, making sure that you can access any government benefits that you might be entitled to, and showing you hope tailoring investments under an actively managed portfolio can provide you with additional certainty and smoother returns,
  • Work for longer, if that is what you would like to do, by providing you with a way to transition more gradually into retired life.
  • Clarify your succession plan, if you are a small or family business. We will help you consider how to divest your business assets to create the cash flow that you need once you retire.
  • Develop your Estate Plan, by helping you consider your Wills, testamentary options and Powers of Attorney.

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